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Brine Soup

Once upon a tide, a story dolphin washed up on the sure fire certainty that passing beachcombers, bums and poets would sift through its guts with narrative obsession.

So it was Marcello Govindarathaman stumbled across fictional odds and aquatic entrails...

- Oucho! Thata hurta. Que demonios?!

Marcello bent down with a porpoise in view and examined the contents of the smooth watery grey matter as it soaked into the sands of timelessness. He knelt down and mouthed the words as if reading from a dissolving ticker tape.

THE OLD MAN AND THE HEAT fuel poverty and sparse prose/ TIGER control freakery and billionairedom / LITERAL STATE a country where more people write than read / BOGUS FOOTNOTES / We're all on the spectrum. How far along? Off-spectrum /Barry Barry! So good they named it / Catcher in The Dye Death Of Sallinger Recluse's paranoia /anti-celebrity/ The Great Firewall Of China. Sroogle Virus of Xmas futures/ ANGRYROBOTBOY baby raised by robot/ THE INTIMIDATOR Mean-looking 4x$ serial killer Stephen King meets Cronenberg/ OLD SCHOOL I want 1,000 philistine foreskins/ OPENING LINES a) It was a pleasant place to be poor in b)In the 10th year of the third millenium c) Bah! Humbug. No. Profit in Xmas, but... d) Suicide bombing was completely out of character for Jesus e) The people in the town of Vlore (aka Valbona) are so vain they've got holes in their chest from pumping their egos. f) Once upon a tide, a story dolphin washed onto the shore, out of its brine.

Story by:

Phil Doran

submitted at 10:41pm

31 January 2010