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Precious Little Bits

Shauna looked at him. She bit her lip hard to draw the pain away from her heart. It started to bleed. She wiped her tears but let the blood run down her chin and onto her neat, white cotton blouse. Her favorite... she wore it just for him today, but he didnít notice. He was ignoring her again.

She felt like screaming. He knew how she felt about him. They had a connection... a bond. She felt it the first time she saw him. Six months ago, he was hired as the new Vice President in Charge of Operations. As soon as his blue eyes met hers, it was as if time had stopped and everything since then had moved in slow motion.

He and Shauna had become close, more intimate than lovers. She knew everything about him: what he ate, who he called, how many sodas he drank. "Trash bins can be very useful little tools," she chuckled to herself.

Then he had started hanging around HER. Tanna in Accounting... what a bitch! Blonde and skinny with big tits and horsey teeth. He couldnít love something like that. Tanna had slept her way around the entire building, for crissakes!

She wanted to slap his face, but she couldnít find it. Shauna looked again at his bleeding, decapitated corpse sprawled across his desk and lifeless Tanna lying under him. Her legs were splayed open, cunt parted waiting for that bit of him he could never again share with HER. Because THAT precious little bit of him would live in Shauna forever... or at least until it started to smell.

Story by:

Heather Camacho

submitted at 8:03pm

3 February 2010