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Great Advice

Dear Dr.Swyzick,

If you're reading this, then that means I've taken your advice and went on vacation. All that talk about sandy beaches, umbrella drinks and cute little cabana boys were just too much to resist. As soon as I left your office last week, I went home and immediately packed. I just wantted to thank you for all the advice you've given me over the years. But don't worry about Roger; he'll be asleep when I get to the Bahamas.

I'm looking at him right now, sprawled out on the workbench. His eyes are looking up at me like a sad dogs' but I'm not giving in anymore. I'm tired of being his little punching bag. I'm gonna let the hand saw do the talking for me.



Story by:

Brian J. Smith

submitted at 3:52am

6 February 2010

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