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Purple Monday 13:35

Purple isn't in the psychic rainbow. Purple isn't in any of the rainbows. Violet, indigo. Need I go on. They don't tell you anything. Purple on the other. Purple is clear.

The song says to Wear Something Purple For Me. That means it's a time thing. The urgency of red melds into the tranquil expanse of blue. It's a deliberate steady pace that's required. Get to the end in next coupla hours say. See, pink would never be that specific. Purple exacts.

But there's a standing code red on collecting the boy, and I've haven't done today's yellow yet. Pop out the back for some sun time. Have a word with the Big Man Upstairs. Quick cuppa, medication and then off to the school. Sounds like a list. Better take the reflective vest and the lights, red and green. Have to be the white one. Done green already when I stared at Saffron Waldon this morning.

I can still smell black. Or did I leave the dream on?

Story by:

Phil Doran

submitted at 10:53am

6 February 2010

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