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Lesson for Light Loaders

The Night knight knocked on a dock pine pillar, picked out a moonstruck star, waited.

The Light collector arrived unnerved. "May we be brief, good knight? Iím meeting a non-seeing being before dawn to totally obtain a rare hotly-sought-after opal apple."

"We may. First let me offer my regards, for it regards just that. Collecting so many collectible light sources. Hording light, blocking bright blocks from others sight. You carry the hex of excess."

The knight let that settle.

The Light collector seemed to see the light, yet cited an ending surrender to enticement - opal apple, the final heist, one more pulpy bite of blight.

"Leave back what youíve took." The Night knight noticed the Light collector was leaning into stripy star-glazed moonhaze. The knight tapped the collectorís elbow. "Here, slack back, relax. See the dark. Meet night."

Story by:

Sean Ulman

submitted at 7:08pm

20 February 2010