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The List

On her list of things to do:

- wash out hosiery that got soaked and soiled last night from slipping in the ice and snow

- check for bruising from said slipping

- inform boss that you won't be coming in because of said slipping. you feel faint and not quite yourself. perhaps a concussion?

- lie down on your bed and ring for the servant

- remember that you do not have a servant

- lie down on bed after getting yourself your own tea and toast

- flip through a myriad of cable channels all with nothing worth watching

- turn off tv and pretend to read a book

- put the book down and stare at the phone

- will yourself not to cry because he hasn't called yet

- fall sleep crying because he hasn't called yet

Story by:

Regina Green

submitted at 7:16pm

13 March 2010

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