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Revenge is in the Marrow

Lucy done love dem bones. Gnawing where the marrow hid. Soft, creamy, ‘an jus the way mamma said it was gonna do, it did: Strengthen dem ill bones of yours sistah. So that yous gonna lift that touche of yours on high. Jus so Pauley able to slip his thang in there an make a woman of his childer. Mamma thinkin’ chicken bones. She hopin Lucy keepin him busy so he’s not hollering at her. Never said nuffin bout what Pauley had twixt flesh and bone. Dat was Lucy’s secret.

Still, Mamma done beamed at me when I tells her Pauley’s done with his hittin’ ‘n spittin. And I’s never said nuffin ‘bout why. I’s just glad it’s me, Mamma and the sweet sound of the crickets in the evening. ‘an did I say quiet too? Oh sistah, praise be for dat sharp knife. Praise be for dat strong current that carried those bones deep into the marshes. Sure ‘nuf, praise be Lucy done loved dem bones.

Story by:

Mari Maxwell

submitted at 2:51pm

8 April 2010

Mari Maxwell's web: