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If one person smiles, does that automatically entwine around someone else's face? Does it linger there for a short period of time until that person walks away. Or does it stay there because for one second that person actually meant something to them.

Maybe it's because of the profound fact that for at least another second, you were in someone else's thoughts.

The way your lips curve and the muscles in your mouth tighten like a baby around a mothers neck, clinging on because falling has unpredicatable consequences.

Being sad with a frown is the falling part which leads to unpredicatable consequences... we all do things we regret when we're sad or angry... it can't be helped.

So when you see someone walking down the street with an expression so mutual, so bland and apathetic... remeber... if they don't have a smile give them one of yours. The consequences will give you a flood full of self gratification and satisfaction like the water from the sea flooding onto the sand. Smile.

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submitted at 10:51pm

17 April 2010