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The Visitation

Whatever they tell you; it's all a lie. They don't know. If they knew, they'd lie anyway. The truth's not worth knowing. It's not.

You realise that if I tell you, you won't know how to live and you won't want to die. For the fleeting moments that you are on the Earth, live in ignorance. Don't ask me again.

I have eternity to refuse you. You'll find out for yourself eventually. Don't ask again. What there is after life... everyone finds out. Just live. Do all you can while you're alive. Remember that the body is loaned to you. Express it. Run, jump, dance, laugh, cry, make love, make babies, eat, sleep. Because after... well, you'll miss it. The body rots away, and what's left is... pure. And impotent.

Look, right now, you are the show. Afterwards, you'll be in the audience. Blow those candles out and get out there.

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submitted at 1:14pm

10 July 2008