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The Green Car

"Mom, are you picking me up in the green car?"



"Why? Whatís wrong with the green car?"

"Itís old. Can you come a little later then?"

"No. Absolutely not. Thereís nothing wrong with the green car. Youíre embarrassed, arenít you? You donít want your friends to see you getting picked up in the green car. Listen! A car gets a person from A to B. A car is not an investment. Besides being rich doesnít make you smarter or better. Itís a manís character that counts, not what he owns. In the world we live in, everything is about money. Weíre all judged by what we have, not by what we are. Itís a sick world we live in."

"Whatever! Can you pick me up in the side parking lot?"

"You mean the parking lot thatís deserted? Absolutely not. Iím picking you up in the front at 2:30."

"Then please donít come in the green car. Please."

Story by:

Peta-Gaye Nash

submitted at 3:03am

9 May 2010