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Where have you been? Do you realize itís five oíclock in the morning?


Where have you been? Who were you with?

You know I havenít been with anyone. Come on. We donít need to go down that road.

You were there, werenít you? At the casino.


Did you win?


Did you lose? How much did you lose? You didnít! Your entire paycheque? Have you gone completely insane? You have, havenít you? Do you realize weíve had not one, not two, but three final notice letters, telephone, hydro and water. Not to mention our credit cards.

Why do you think I went to the casino?

The casino canít help us. Your entire paycheque is what we need.

What about your paycheque?

You ate dinner tonight before you left, didnít you? Your mother got a digital camera for her birthday, didnít she? Not to mention the car payment, the rent and all the other household necessities.

Just shut up and let me go to bed, will ya.

Are you kidding me? The kids will be up any minute. Youíre going to sleep all day again? Youíre not going to answer. Ok. Youíre going to play it like that. Ok. But next time you go to the casino, donít bother coming home.

Is that a promise?

Itís a promise.

Story by:

Peta-Gaye Nash

submitted at 3:16am

10 May 2010