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Under the floor

Under the floor hid a blooded knife fresh from the mark’s stomach.

Above the floor lay a dead body dripping with scarlet blood.

On the windows were scratches forming letters.

"I’ll be back" in blood was stained there.

Under the chair was a hidden clue of the murder's tool, a dark mask sat there staring into the boy's open wound.

He returned like he said and carved up the boy’s legs chops, chop, chop, and chop the blade struck the leg.

AAGGHH!! Screamed a whirling ninja like a blooded demon from the depths of hell shot out from the fire. He pulled out his shurikens and katana and got ready for battle against the masked butcher called Freddie Payne but he suddenly got cramp and died. Ryu Haybusa stood proud as he decapited his head and chucked it in the fire and tended to the body as he examined it for clues to the employer of the murderer.

Story by:


submitted at 2:20pm

16 July 2008