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Vampire Knight


As soon as I got home with the message I cried with joy and gave Ryan a call "duh duh duh duh duh duh duh... Hello Ryan here." I cried "Ryan. Guess what she gave me a note to meet her. Itís wonderful, spectacular and amazing. I am in love Ryan .In love me especially the misfit, the "emo" me she choose me. I think things are going right for me finally, finally!" I cried with glee

"Who Vampyr girl... Martha isnít it. Ha-ha" he laughed. "Oi lay off her sheís beautiful, so shut up got to go now anyways so bye."

I hung up and headed to dark creek manor.

My name is David Camp. This is how I become a Vampire Knight.

David was a normal kid like any one else. Until he went to see Ryan Sheckler and meet her. That changed his life forever he just wanted to be normal, but that won't happen not where his going!!

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submitted at 2:21pm

16 July 2008