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Sudden Twist

The party over, Katie went to her room upstairs. She was so exhausted and was about to go to bed when she noticed the beauty of the moon from the open window. She admired it and felt romantic, forgetting her fatigue.

She appeared more beautiful than ever in the moonlight, looking like a princess, so majestic, with her blond hair tied into a lazy bun, her pale blue eyes and arching eyebrows dispersing onto the bridge of a delicate nose. Her lips had the most bizarre curl and it seemed she’d a tender porcelain face ready to crack into infinite pieces.

Admiring the brilliantly lit lane she soon became aware of a woman walking pensively on the edge of the ditch. Katie hid behind the curtain. The stranger stopped right under the window. Katie spied, enjoying the suspense.

She imagined herself talking to the woman, asking her who she was. A man soon approached gallantly along the lane from the opposite direction. He kissed the woman passionately as they met. Katie smiled innocently though she seemed a bit envious. She watched the couple now walking in the beauty of the night, hand in hand. Suddenly, the man pushed the woman into the ditch and jumped in too.

Soon the woman crept out, buttoning up her blouse, adjusting her breasts. She spat in the ditch and disappeared. Katie’s face was all over the floor and her blue eyes had rolled under the bed.

Story by:

Amit Parmessur

submitted at 4:56am

19 May 2010

Amit Parmessur's web: