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Up in the Air with George

Margo had been marooned in Dubai for almost two weeks because of the volcano eruption. When she returned, everyone said how wonderful it must have been to be able to explore a new country with leisure time on her hands. They didnít understand how terrible she felt being a middle-aged single woman traveling alone. She had no children, she was out of touch with her siblings, she had no parents, she had no husband or lover. Who would know if she just disappeared? How long would it take for her business colleagues to figure out she was gone? After years of playing the role of the carefree, independent business woman seeing the world, she had finally confronted her own reality: She hated not having a dinner companion, she hated walking the streets alone, she hated coming back to an empty hotel room. She hated being anonymous. She tried e-mailing friends and making some phone calls, but everyone kept telling her how lucky she was. No one understood, except maybe George Clooney. On the plane on the way home she watched "Up in the Air." At the end of the movie, George was facing his own reality too.

Story by:

Susan Montgomery

submitted at 7:54pm

21 May 2010