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A man in a suit and tie talked on his blackberry and stepped on a piece of candy a small child dropped. He just kept walking, unaware that the crying child interrupting his conference call was crying because of him.

The child was pulled along by his tired looking mother. Once he got to an unbearable volume, his mother knelt down and gently touched the plastic shells hanging from his braids. "Baby, we have to go, I"m gonna be late for work." She tried to tug him onwards, but he was stubborn. "I'll buy you another piece of candy later baby." He cried quieter and his mother picked him up and quickly walked past the guitar player.

He strummed on his guitar carelessly, clearly more talented than most musicians on the radio. Every so often someone would throw a quarter into his open case - sometimes even a dollar if they were generous. He would thank them, and would begin to dream of his future meal. A man in a tattered coat sat down next to the guitar player.

His coat smelled of something grotesque that were impossible to determine what it was from. His hair was matted, his beard scraggly, and his skin dirty. He reached into his pocked and then reached towards the case. With surprising speed, he grabbed a handful of dollars and ran for the train. The guitar player yelled after him, but the doors were already closing. He sat down next to a young business man, fiddling with his blackberry.

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submitted at 12:02am

22 May 2010