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"How old were you when you got married?" Kate turned around and looked at Freddie, who was sitting at the kitchen table taking a quiz in her magazine.

"How old was I?" "Yeah. Just wondering."

"I was twenty. But thatís too young. Youíre not supposed to get married when youíre twenty."

"Oh," Freddie said. Kate went back to wiping the counter with her favorite dishrag. It was pink with splotches of bleach all over it.

"Did you do your homework yet?" Kate asked.

"Yeah. I did. So if youíre not supposed to get married when youíre twenty why did you?" Kate shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

"Your dad had a ukulele."

"A ukulele?" Freddie asked, looking up from her quiz.

"He had a ukulele and he looked cute when he played it. Stupid reason to get married when youíre twenty."

"So what did your wedding look like?"

"Are you sure you did all your homework?"

"I did it all. I told you that. What did your wedding look like?"

"Thereís nothing I hate more than a liar, Freddie. Thatís what you are. A liar. You didnít finish all your homework. Get upstairs and do it."

"I did it all. I swear."

"Just stop bothering me and do your homework." Freddie got up from the kitchen table and stared at her motherís back for a little while. Kate knew she was there and Freddie knew that Kate knew that she was there, but she kept staring.

"I bet you looked pretty," Freddie said. Kate turned around.

"Get upstairs. I didnít."

Story by:

Robin Sarkin

submitted at 11:09pm

22 May 2010