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Vampire Knight

Chapter 1

My name is David Camp. This is how I become a vampire Knight.

10 months before...

"Címon David" yelled Ryan, "Get ready he is only here for one day get your board and letsí go." As he yelled I hauled myself out of bed and put on my trousers, t-shirt and hoody. Pulled on my socks and Etnies and grabbed my board and piece of toast and met Ryan outside the house. "Bout time" he cried.

"Shut up" I moaned as he punched my arm playfully. I yawned and we headed off to the skate park.

That was where I met her. Her hair was a golden, long blonde like the colour of caramelised sugar just singed. I didnít have time to stop and stare. Ryan Shackler began his skate show. Wow, his lip tricks, grinds and grab tricks were outstanding. Afterwards I talked to her. The one with the caramelised sugar hair and the soft tanned skin. Her name was Martha Waters. She was wonderful. Everything I could ever want in a girl cute, smart sporty... And then she went and disappeared on her board in to the darkness of the star lit night.

"You ready to go Dave?" Ryan asked. I didnít answer "Dave" he yelled knocking on my head then I answered "I think Iím in love with her." I pointed off in to the distance.

"What... didnít you know sheís a vampire sucks blood and all that." I didnít listen I all knew was I needed to see her again.

The next day I got a message from Martha and this how I became a vampire, this is how I knew and this is how I meet... HIM

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submitted at 2:21pm

16 July 2008