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Dylan had been drinking, but he found his wife in the bedroom, tipsy herself, and told her to sit on the bed. When she was comfortable, he placed two objects on the spread: Her wedding ring with the three diamond chips and the completed Marriage Separation Agreement.

"Choose," he said.

Kayla froze, but her eyes took in the ring and then scanned the document. Her teeth found her bottom lip, bit down. Dylan saw the tan line from Kayla’ own wedding ring, as it had been off only a few days.

"I don’t know," she said.

She wouldn’t look at Dylan.

Dylan held out a pen. He heard a ticking clock.

"The ring still fits, but the forms are filled out."

Dylan jabbed the pen in her direction.


Kayla’ eyes finally met Dylan’s. Dylan tasted the salt of sweat on his lip.

"She gone?"


"I can’t go there again."

"You won’t have to."


"I know. I’m sorry," he said. He took the ring, twirled it in his fingers, placed it back on the bed. His voice was softer now, tired.

"Go ahead. Choose."

Dylan saw Kayla look at the agreement, glance at the ring. For the first time, Dylan realized, he’d be fine either way.

Kayla reached out, made a choice. Her hand shook.

Story by:

Dan Tricarico

submitted at 6:15pm

25 May 2010

Dan Tricarico's web: