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Those Fabulous Eighties

1980: You turn into a seagull.

1981: Lightening strikes your outdoor bathtub while you soak in it.

1982: Your dreams contain almost no truth.

1983: Some people please you but mostly they nauseate you. Especially Bob.

1984: Quit school in order to feel a part of a movement.

1985: You graffiti "All Art is Quite Useless" on a friendís apartment walls.

1986: Take Greyhound to Jamaica. Nearly drown.

1987: You develop a sizeable lisp.

1988: Flee to Canada when Bush is selected next U.S. President.

1989: Become a Coronerís Gift Shop Sales Rep in Manitoba.

Story by:

Robert Vaughan

submitted at 11:47pm

26 May 2010

Robert Vaughan's web: