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The Longest Day

The ships bobbed on the ocean like duck weed in a pond. Each one loaded with a precious cargo of British and American soldiers; each one dripping with fear on what was to come.

The ships edged closer and closer to Omaha beach It was probably aggravated by the trepidation of the battle that would claim the lives of many innocent young men.

As ships came into view, the Germans panicked. They weren’t prepared for this. They ran as fast as they could to their weapons in alarm and loaded the turrets.

The beach came into view; and in all of a sudden the sky was lit with fireballs. Ships were blown to smithereens as the shells were propelled in their direction. The troops suddenly awoke from a dizzy, surreal state.

The gun fire started. Water splashed like a cheesy effect on a movie and then the boats hit land.

Private Johns dashed through the water and into a blizzard of lead. Many men lay dead in the water, blood poured into the sea. Some say on that day the sea turned to blood, like the plagues of Egypt in the Old Testament.

Johns looked over on the beach. The sea was littered with corpses and the beach was covered with bodies. You could barely see any sand.

Johns turned round, on top of the mound stood a Nazi holding an MP38. Two soldiers snuck up behind him and put bags over his head fastened the hands together. The Germans had won...

Story by:

Jamz W

submitted at 2:25pm

16 July 2008