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Auspices in Thuggery

The discourteous strength of thoughtless show and vulgar claim to the breed was a science of thuggery to Rouge Unholy. He disciplined the suave arrival of tearing, towering violence in creeds of thrilling sensation and tumult for the act of aggression. Rouge proposed nonetheless, to the uncommunicative realm of Vampire lore, in cachets of rose colored bloom, he was a design of force and passion. He had made his plea to the brand to the doctrine of eternal sunsets and thirsty desire. Rouge transfixed a negotiated balance between exquisite evil and the need for consul. Rouge saw unsown seed in the vampire as he spoke,

"The pittance of a new raiment, an allay in ash and blood for the soul of your secret conference." The Vampire bothered a chaste look and seized Rouge by the arm.

"Tantalize me no more by the will of your accusation." he whispered in perfumed breaths. Rouge hastened to amend his proposal to the Vampire. "The very child of humanity is in subscription to the bond of mortal ghost, give me your gift." he spoke in dreamy anticipation of the evil he could allay himself to with the immortal pact. The Vampire tapped his finger against Rouge’s scalp as he trailed his hairline.

"The yield of bedlam is the slandered by which you live and in graces of great mystery and modesty the rack and ruin of your spirit have confessed a tithe to our gain, nevertheless the marriage is to ought." The Vampire paused and considered Rouge Unholy for a moment, he was clever and to that end he knew better than to invite his courtesy to seasons of desolation.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 10:09am

16 June 2010