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The Mistress of Dreams

The spirit of sanctity and sure sated dreams, a confined absolute for the sweet mistress of bliss and regal majesty. She gave the birth of smoke and misty ecstasy, and in wanting she found creation and centers of divinity. A taste of character and the savor of spells that will the shape of fate and futures in communion, she believed. She believed in the push of pretty, delicate care and evanescent ways in Champaign and wine.

To the thankless solstice between day and evening-tide fires of intimate possession, she sighed and her azure eyes rolled in passionate release; another dream for the land of nod and the spoils of far and away. Another dream in graces of sugar and sap, maple tree conspicuous and pains in distant horizons. Another dream in what was and what will be, in what has hold over the domain of man and beast. She evoked the harmony of tears and fears in worn vagabond dispositions, in velvet cradles of safety. Babies and ancients in dreamy consciousness, in dreams of wont and vaunt, in last gasps and beyond. The mistress of drama and dreams, the satisfaction in fine-spun gild and wild burdens of bond, inspired by the mystery of avatars and order, by the secret of rumors and upheaval, she was the mistress of dreams and soulful foreverís in light. A shadow for a silhouette, a dream for a waking passion, in the tatters of what tears and love betroth. A descried allusion and the heavenís in revolutions sway, the mistress of dreams, the mistress of dreams.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 10:31am

16 June 2010