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Sea Tulips

All five stood together on the rocky ocean shore, dressed in formal attire. One by one, they each spread a bit of their father’s ashes into the waves. The wind took the remains out in direction of the horizon, and they appeared to drift away into the heavens.

They chose ‘Black Hero’ tulips to cast off into the deep blue-green sea, with the intention of sharing the entire bunch. But, Franchesca held onto the flowers without taking notice of the others. She tossed them one by one, until she saw the horrified look on her younger sister’s face. And Franchesca realized she had forgotten to share the flowers with the rest of her siblings. Her sister made the usual ‘what the hell’ gesture with her arms bent, hands facing up toward the sky.

Franchesca, used to these types of reminders, passed the few remaining tulips to the others. As the sun’s orange and blue glow set on the horizon, Franchesca stood apart from the rest. She was just like their mother, unlike the rest. The others were gathered to honor their father, and forget how their mother drove him to his grave.

Story by:

Shawna Galvin Rand

submitted at 3:54am

19 June 2010

Shawna Galvin Rand's web: