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Mysterious Woman

That rainy and misty night all the usual clients had left earlier and as I was expecting no one else I quickly started cleaning the tables one by one. Some rich Texas men had even left their burning cigarettes in the ash-trays. Amazing. Whistling and cleaning the messy room I was soon behind the counter again.

I was about to pull open the drawer when a woman showed up at the door. Her svelte figure and blond hair struck me immediately. She was a lot more beautiful than the one I had to call wife at home.

She hesitated before walking in. Stopping at the counter she pressed her chest to it, face to face to me. "Can I help you?" I asked calmly. "Come to this side," she said sweetly. I was surprised but accepted the invitation.

Once at the other side of the counter I stopped dead. The woman laughed. In one of her gloved hands she had a cigarette and in the other a revolver which was glaring at me in the face.

I tried to laugh.

"I- I know it is empty," I then said, petrified.

Flinging the revolver in the air she approached me with a sensual gait. My heart throbbed. She stopped so close to me. She sucked on her cigarette expertly, caressing her waist with the other hand.

I waited.

Suddenly, she pressed the burning cigarette against my forehead. I winced. She had already pressed the knife home. I dropped to the floor, my hands bathed in blood.

"Adieu," she whispered.

The lights dimmed.

I heard her vanish into the fog with all the money in the drawer.

Story by:

Amit Parmessur

submitted at 5:56pm

30 June 2010

Amit Parmessur's web: