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Boxed In

Two cars pin me in, one from the left and one from the right. The car in front of me suddenly stops and I slam the brake only to hit the rear bumper of the car. A car crashes into my rear bumper, jerking me forward. The air bag explodes in to my face. The smell of burnt rubber makes me cough. A man in a ski mask jumps onto the hood of my car and bashes my windshield with a sledge hammer.

"You messed with the wrong people!"

I grab my handgun and fire three times through the windshield. The man is boosted away from the impact as the hammer slams on to the ground. I hear sirens. The other cars drive off in the other direction. I get light headed and black out. When I come to I am in the hospital with a broken leg. Thatís it. Today is the last day of my undercover work with the mob. I donít care who tells me otherwise.

Story by:

Calvin Seen

submitted at 8:17pm

1 July 2010

Calvin Seen's web: