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He said, There is a hole in my heart, my love, that only you can fill, and I would die without you. She said, Let's go to France and make love on the Eiffel tower. Instead they went to a doctor who told them, Itís cancer. Iím very sorry. She died sixty nights later. He went to Paris alone. He taught English classes in a cold classroom. He met a young girl and fell in love with her smile. They went for long walks around town. Look, there, it's the Eiffel tower, he pointed to it one afternoon. She giggled and his heart pained. The next day they made love on his desk. Two weeks later, she said, Iím pregnant and he said, You have to abort. She never smiled anymore. One day they were eating croissants and drinking weak coffee and he was just about to complain about the food and the goddamn French, both the people and the country, and how he wants to take her home, to get away from it all, thatís how sick he was. He was just about to tell her when she said, I don't think we should see each other anymore, and he felt his heart with the palm of his hand and said, Please don't leave me, I only have days to live.

Story by:

Benjamin Imamovic

submitted at 6:04pm

4 July 2010