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Blood Business

"Okay," the businessman said, as he slid the signed contract over the desk. "It's been seriously strange doing business with you. You seem to know a lot about me."

"I researched you," the salesman replied lighting up his seventh cigarette in seventeen minutes. Smoke encircled his neck like a noose.

"I returned the favor," the businessman forced himself to grin.

"It wasn't a favor," the salesman replied, twisting his cigarette to its death.

"Nor was mine." the businessman calmly reached for a sharp many faceted garnet.

"That looks like a dagger," the salesman said.

"Excellent idea, far more dangerous than research." the businessman replied while cutting into his wrist and drawing blood before doing the same to the suddenly non smoking salesman.

"Blood brothers?"

"No" screamed the salesman.

"A wise choice, now I can freely try out my garnet dagger for the first time."

"Are there any particularly vulnerable spots you may have researched?" the Business man asked, not expecting a response as he slid the contract back to his side of the game playing table while aiming the garnet dagger for the place where the salesman's heart might be found.

Story by:

Laurel Kahaner

submitted at 2:55am

7 July 2010

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