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Got News


"Hello," Suzanne said.

"Hi Suzanne. Keith here."

"Oh Keith. What a nice surprise! It seems ages since we spoke."

"You can say that again. Got some news."

"Oh really? Can't wait," Suzanne said.


"You're kidding," Suzanne said. "How did you find it?"

"Well, you know how I like flash fiction. I was surfing and voila!"

"And you thought of me."

"I always think of you," Keith said. "I dream of you too."

Suzanne smiled. "I can imagine Keith. I'll check out the site, Luv. I must have 15 or 20 little stories stashed around here. Gosh, I'm excited! I think you've made my day."

"Why don't you stash me someplace?" Keith said.

"Know something? I just might one day. Do be patient, Luv."

Story by:

Randall Barfield

submitted at 22:01pm

27 September 2008

Randall's web: