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Sutton Place

A tug boat navigates under the Queensboro Bridge between Roosevelt Island and Long Island City, its wake ripples small waves upon the Queens shore. Rats scurry among the rocks as the water splashes up against the sea wall. The East River reflects the dimming lights of the city that never sleeps. The buildings appear to be shadowy giants in a jungle of concrete, steel and glass. The FDR Drive is flowing with traffic as it runs beneath Sutton Place Park and the 59th Street Bridge.

Sutton Place South sits above Sutton Place Park which is cantilevered over the FDR Drive. All of the lights are out except for a patio room on the top floor. In this room a man is sitting on a love seat. He reaches for a brandy snifter while he admires three trinkets on his coffee table. There is a toe ring, a brooch and a cigarette case. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a bracelet to examine it. He places the bracelet next to the other items. He finishes his drink. He gets up to pour himself another brandy from a portable bar near the kitchen. The apartment is meticulously clean which pleases him. A boat horn sounds from the river.

Passing through the French doors out onto the patio, he sees a barge cruising by the United Nations building heading south towards the Williamsburg Bridge. A siren can be heard in the distance. Down below, a man is walking his dog in the park. The dog relieves himself on a tree. Staring east over Roosevelt Island and into the stygian darkness of Queens, he thinks, "Thereís game out there, Iíll have to go find it."

Story by:

DeWayn C. Marzagalli

submitted at 3:36am

22 July 2010