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The Package

The package arrived right on schedule.

"Don't open it!" Doug snarled.

"Relax, it's yours. What mail order shit did you waste money on now? More vitamins?"

"Yeah, Something like that."

Doug snatched the rectangular package from his wife's hands and headed directly to the back bedroom. He quickly closed the door and tore open the brown paper wrapping. When he pulled apart the cardboard his eyes widened and a smug smile crossed his lips.

"Playing with your secret package?" he heard through the oak door.

"I'll show you what it is in a minute dear," he yelled back, feeling his clammy hand clutch the cool tan handle of the twelve inch long bowie knife.

Turning the door knob he thought he was able to see what actual madness looked like, catching a reflection of himself on the face of the three inch wide shimmering blade.

Story by:

Ted Strojny

submitted at 9:56pm

22 July 2010