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Hide And Seek

I was 10 year old boy, playing ‘hide and seek’ with my friends. The game was tricky and interesting. The Physical Teacher of our school had already explained us the details of game. The game was best suited to our locality, because of closeness of houses. Hiding in any house was too easy. It was restricted not to move beyond 10 houses of the same lane. We wanted to play the game in spite of the elders protest. Their protest was genuine. We were totally six to start the game. As per the game, one boy was selected as an opening seeker. He had to close his eyes for a brief period until the counting ends to 100. The other five players were to hide in nearby different hiding locations. The seeker then opens his eye and tries to find the hiders. The first one found will be the next seeker. Likewise, the last person, who remains not found, will be declared as a winner of the round. All the players were in the age group of nine to eleven years. Up to 4th seeker, the game was in full progress. There was a danger signal, when I moved as a 5th seeker. It was revealed that the boy was hiding in a first floor of the building, which was under construction. The place, where he was hiding was not at all safe. He lost the balance and fell on the ground. As a result of this, his bone on the right side of the leg was fractured. On realizing the fact, we had to stop the game and asked all the players to assemble in one place immediately. Thereafter, we went to his house and informed.

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submitted at 4:38pm

27 July 2010