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The Bucket

"I appreciate your being on our show, Mr. Kettering," Saundra said. "What is the secret, Mr. Kettering? Iím sure this is something everyone wants to know: How did you become such a famous film maker?"

Jack Kettering gloated a moment before answering. His beady, ninety-year-old eyes scanned the full auditorium in experienced appreciation. "It was basically hard work, Saundra. What success is. Never let anyone tell you differently."

"Oh Iím fairly sure it was," Saundra said. "You and a few other guests have definitely convinced me. Now letís see, you knew Ronald Parr personally, is that right Mr. Kettering?"

"Of course I knew Ronald. He was a lovely man, a great host too."

"You were the last celebrity he interviewed if Iím not mistaken," Saundra said.

"Well, actually, we didnít have the interview, Saundra. We were about to have the interview. In fact, I was sitting on the set with two others waiting for Ronís entry. That was the way it was done then. Wow, itís been so many years."

"If I may ask, how long has it been, Mr. Kettering?"

"Well, President Reagan was ending his second term, Iím quite sure. Mustíve been í88."

"Thatís twenty years ago, Mr. Kettering," Saundra said.

"I guess so, Saundra. Ron had asked me to be on the show before it was too late. I knew he was joking, of course, but... "

"He thought youíd kick the bucket any day," Saundra said.

"Exactly," said Jack Kettering, "but I was only seventy!"

"Instead, he kicked it."

"That very day. He was only fifty!

Story by:

Randall Barfield

submitted at 05:59pm

28 September 2008

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