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Under The Moonlight

We drank tea in the moonlight, sitting on the hill in the center of the park, and even now, the only detail thatís clear is that you couldíve stared at the night sky forever and I would have just watched as the neon mist of the city lights below illuminated your face. Given the chance to choose a moment in which to die, a moment to have etched into my memory to be remembered for all of eternity, none would have been more perfect than that.

"What are you thinking about?" you asked, thoughtfully sipping your tea. I stared down into my styrofoam cup as my hands trembled, considering the truth Iíd never speak.

"Nothing," I said, as I offered a half smile and brought my cup to my lips to avoid saying more. You smiled at me, rolling your eyes, before you said, "I love you, too" and let all pretenses melt into the silence of understanding that swallowed us whole.

Story by:

Heather Chang

submitted at 9:00pm

4 August 2010