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A Day at the Beach

Watching the sunset. The eerie felling of light fading away. Dark clouds of night embracing Earth.

Why was she feeling like this?

Why wasn't she relaxing, as she planned?

"That's the path I chose to take. Why? How? I can't remember... All I recall is the pain of losing the ones you love. To see them perish into nothingness has brought me nothing but harm. Finally I had decided to chose the path I should have a long, long time ago. Chiliads passed. Generations came and go. New Eras came to pass and they forgot about the one that protects them..."

This was the reason for her frustration at the time... She lied down took a deep breath, wrinkled her nose, due to the pollution.

"Won't be long now, 'till they destroy what keeps them alive..." another pained sign "... They think they're evolved, but they forget how fragile the balance is..." she got up, dusted off her clothes "At least, some want to change and that, might, just be good enough."

She knew that as always they will get a second chance, all they had to do is not letting it pass. So, she prayed that humanity will do the "human" thing and save their dying home.

Hope, as always, remains...

Story by:

Leca Sinziana Alexandra

submitted at 8:51pm

7 August 2010

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