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The Silent Ones

Today, I walked among the dead. Endless rows of stone, some covered with flowers left by broken hearts and loving families. The walkways lined with oak trees that shade the paths to Eden. Streams of light pour through the trees shining on the monuments that mark the people of the past. Birds nesting in the trees sing out their joyful message to deaf ears. Flags are sprinkled throughout to honor those who served their country in time of war and peace. Age is not discriminated here. The cool fresh air has a scent of flowers that beckons me to the one I loved and lost. Theresa lay beneath my feet. I place six roses at her head for our six years together, so short a time. It's funny now that I think of how we met by accident at the train station. She was on her way to audition for a show and I was on the job. It was like a song bird running into a raven. I helped pick up her stuff and offered to take her to dinner. Later, she called me and I'll never know why, we were so different. Our lives together were like the seasons, hot, warm, cold, but then alive again. Cancer! It's a word from hell. A soft breeze brings me back to the grave and it is time for me to go.

Story by:

DeWayn C. Marzagalli

submitted at 3:22am

9 August 2010