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The Anglerís Cosmetic Case

Eyeing a fuchsia plastic case, I asked, "Whatís in there?"

Abe was trimming his white beard. He smiled at the petite case. "Iíll show ya."

To my surprise, it contained various bottles of Wet Ďní Wild nail polish.

"For paintiní my lures. Only 99 cents each," Abe explained.

His wrinkled fingers gave me the tour. "Now, fishiní in clear water generally calls for bright shiny colors and finishes. For bass, I like using 409C, 493, and 499."

I noticed he used the company codes instead of the names, which read Shameless, Limelight Frost, and Ms. Thang.

"Early in trout season, bright colors; later in the season, natural colors. But blends of silver with red, blue, and chartreuse tend to be good for all trout." Abeís finger tapped on Shiver, Kaleidoscope, Confetti Glitter, and Lawless.

Opening his tackle box revealed an array of artificial lures. I had to admit Abe knew how to wield a nail polish brush; they were all skillfully painted.

"Looks like you could use some 406A," suggested Abe. He was absolutely right. I inspected my chipped nails. They needed a Cherry Chrome touch-up.

Story by:

Kristin Fouquet

submitted at 4:53pm

16 October 2008

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