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Mick didn't like his summer laborer John, worse was he didnít understand why he hated John and that bugged him? John is a classmate of the boss's son and turned up each morning in his Mum's new car but it wasnít John's privilidge. They were underpinning the subsiding foundations of a smart house. The boss had promised not to take on any more underpinning jobs. It's tedious dirty work but good revenue for the firm during lean times. Underpinning is too simple for a master builder like Mick so he hated it especially on rainy days like today. Holes are dug at two meter intervals around the building and filled with concrete to make a set of feet for the house to sit on, it's that simple.

"Get down there Nipper the holes need to be a foot deeper" Mick barked.

"You are joking, they are covered in water and the clay soil weighs a ton" John responded.

"Now look Nipper, it could be worse."

"Could it? I am tired, cold and very hungry" John said.

"Yeah, it could be worse. It could be me!!!" John jumped down the hole and got started.

"I am going to see the lady of the house. She want's me, they all want me!" Mick bragged. With that, Mick went to the kitchen door.

"Where is John? I've made you both a sandwich" she said.

"You are so kind missus. John is such a good lad, I told him it was too wet to work today but he's a determined young man". She made it known that Mick should go eat outside. He went to his van to avoid the rain to eat his and Johnís lunch.

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submitted at 11.20pm

15 November 2007