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Sacrificial Offerings

Captured by Martians, astronaut Harry was taken to a temple. Inside was a five-eyed statue with gigantic teeth.

Worshippers pushed Harry toward the statue's gaping mouth. Petrified, Harry wet his pants. Some drops fell to the ground causing a violent chemical reaction. The ground shook, walls collapsed, the ceiling caved in, the ground opened.

Harry tumbled into a chasm. When the quake was over, he found himself in a chamber within the statue.

His captors thought he was covered with rubble.

Harry survived by eating all the sacrificial carcasses tossed into the statue's mouth. He liked Saturnian captives best, followed by Moonmen, Venusians, Neptunians.

He prayed that Earth's next Martian expedition would include sharp utensils and a big bottle of gourmet steak sauce.

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 6:02pm

22 August 2010

Michael's stories have been published by 128 magazines and 36 anthologies.