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The Jumper

"Nobody loves me for my brain," she yelled, from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. "They only love me for my prize-winning, fabulous body. I can't take the shallowness of men, anymore. They ignore my Doctorate Degrees in Nuclear Physics, Celestial Mechanics, and Nano-System Architecture, and pursue me only for my physique."

As she was about to jump, I flew closer and called out to her, "I'll love you for your brain. Deeply. Forever. Fly away with me to Shangri-La. Put your arms around my neck, and I'll carry you away."

She did.

I took her to my beautiful lair high in the Himalayas, amidst never-ending rainbows.

As I held her gently in my talons, holding her close to my heart, she cried, "A brain is a terrible thing to waste."

After several chews, I corrected her. "A brain is a terrible thing to taste."

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 6:26pm

22 August 2010

Michael's stories have been published by 128 magazines and 36 anthologies.