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Late February my sister Eva and I decided to go for a long walk. We had just shifted to our new house in the countryside. At 15 my jolly sister really knew how to take care of herself. We went through a park and soon started to mess around a huge water pipe like silly siblings usually do.

Eva suddenly disappeared while I happened to be lost watching a weird-looking nearby tree. I got on top of the pipe and stood on it to look for her. "Eva!" I called out. "The joke is over! You can come out now! Eva?" I waited a few long minutes. It was suddenly very quiet everywhere.

Then I heard footsteps stomping against the dirt and dead leaves. I could see no one around. I sat on the pipe for a little longer and didn't hear anything. I started to get scared and figured Eva was lost. When I got down the pipe I heard a wailing from the strange tree. I imagined it was Eva.

I went closer to the tree very slowly. At its foot under some leaves I could see something moving. I courageously removed the leaves and to my horror I saw an old creepy doll. It blinked and smiled at me. I ran home as fast as I could. I never saw Eva again.

Story by:

Amit Parmessur

submitted at 7:41am

13 September 2010

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