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A Martian Success Story

A fungus invaded Mars. Many pets died.

Using electricity, Dr. Glixi tried to reanimate his pet dinosaur. Unfortunately, the carcass transformed into goo.

"Oy! My pet looks like chocolate pudding!" Glixi cried.

His assistant, Rxx, tasted the goo. "Yum! This IS chocolate pudding, Doctor."

"Pudding? I've failed miserably."

"No, Doctor," said Rxx, "you've succeeded. Pets love chocolate pudding. But it's expensive. Sell this batch cheap. You'll get rich."

"What happens when it's gone?"

"Our cemeteries overflow with dead pets."

"Hmm. Fungus-filled pet corpses plus electricity equals luscious pet food."

Today, Dr. Glixi's Special Formula Pet Food is Mars' favorite pet care product.

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 7:10pm

23 September 2010