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The restaurant next door turned into a bar past midnight and meaningless live music oozed out into her house every night, keeping her awake no matter how much she wanted to fall asleep. She called to complain a million times, but when the toxic noise continued to trespass into her bedroom, she decided to take the matter into her own hands.

On a Saturday night, she walked into the crowded restaurant/bar wearing her new black mini dress and clutching her oversized leather bag. After her martini arrived, she carefully unzipped her stylish bag, releasing three fat starving rats that'd just woken up from a sedative-induced sleep. Under the flashing lights no one noticed at first, but soon enough a man shrieked louder than the music.

She left among the great horde of people dashing for the door, but not before she finished her martini.

Story by:

Debbi Antebi

submitted at 11:05am

27 September 2010