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I know there are probably a hundred and one of these stories, you know, the ones where the girl loves the boy and the boy loves the girl but things just don't go right between them, mine's no different, it comes with the usual cliche ending as well... heartbreak.

Although? maybe this time, this story can be different, I suppose.

Everything was evidently perfect, nothing seemed to be going wrong, my life was like a fairytale, he was my prince charming and I was the princess waiting to be saved.

But fairytales end with 'Happily ever after' my fairytale ending was... an exact 13 minute phone call on how the relationship was never going to be the same again.

Fairytale love, the ones in the movie where they laugh, have memories, push each other on a swing, run through fields of wheat and barley... is non existent I've found so far. But in story books, they always have a happy ending.

Modern day love is an ... overused word to describe how a person feels about someone, love is strong, powerful thing, that people can move around like grains of sand being swept in by the ocean. That... includes arguements, stress, pain and fear amongst lovers. No happy ending.

But I believe... I had the fairytale relationship, until ... reality sank in, the world brough me down to my feet, and it turns out modern day love, was more at reach for me... and for alot of people.

I loved him.

I knew I did.

I know I do.

I realise...

I always will.

And I'm only 15.

Story by:

Annie Smith

submitted at 11:08pm

1 October 2010