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Reliable Bones

Overtures and invites to the brew of human theater given a swatch of frightful gauze. The silhouette of an owl in shadow and an ancient steed, the bones and dust of an secret horizon, a hidden shiver of questionable fear, in twilight moths, blue neon skies at night and the call of a coyote in search of fare and hearth borne asylum.

A wordless whisper given essence by the illusion of swooping ravens and wild fires of oily feast. The hoary honesty of sacred mysteries in song. In tendered sashay against encroaching darkness and the way of the eventual common, the will of days and decades in changing order and breaths of quiet discovery; unto bond and tethered delicacies in alabaster sash and scarlet blood flows, like the symphony of fate and churning obeisance to the need of a greater force.

With wont, the desire to stand in occasions of clandestined ritual in lieu of sorrow and woeful applause.

The gentle regard of shadow realms defying the dawn with reliable bones.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 8:57am

5 October 2010