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Passionate Blood

Anil gropes through an alley. Lightning flashes, illuminating a serpentine path. Cobras tangle in passion, squirm in mud. Splashes of mud splatter as tails flail.

"Indiscriminate lovers," he says, spitting in the dirt. "Vile sinners!"

Bile rolls in his stomach, and a lump chokes his throat as the snakes entwine their bodies. Moonlight reflects on their black skin. Anil slams his palms against his ears to ward off the hissing sounds.

The lump, struggling in his throat, bursts out of his mouth and lands in the mud. A mongoose emerges, shaking off filth, and pounces on the reptiles. Flesh tears. Bones crackle...

Anil stumbles out of the maze of his reverie and feels the breeze on his cheeks.

Once again, he checks the bodies lying on the ground, their curly locks intertwined like cobra siblings mating.

"You both deserved the worst." He kisses his father's cheek and then straightens his mother's sari, hiked up in the throes of death.

"Why did you sin?" Anil slumps to the sand.

"When I call you Father, I'll call her Aunt." He scratches off blood caked on his beard. "And when I call her Mother..." He lights a cigarette. "I'll call you Uncle, right?"

Story by:

Hareendran Kallinkeel

submitted at 7:48am

23 October 2010