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A Black Cat

Two hands grabbed my shoulders. I jumped. Turning around, I saw Ji-Ning. His face twisted with anger.

"Who is Tony?" he asked, clenching his teeth. His wavering finger pointed at the PC monitor, my email inbox naked in front of our eyes.

I sighed. "What would you like to know?"

He didn't answer. I continued, "Tony is 24 years young, six feet 5 inches. Nice looking."

"Young, is that it? I am too old for you now?" His voice trembled.

I wanted to say more, but started laughing. I opened Tony's email. "Your nephew, who lives in Washington D.C., is coming to your surprise 65th birthday party."

I closed Tony's email and opened the next several. "Jake is the catering person we hired. Bill, your golfing buddy can not come. Dave, your Kiwanis friend said he and five others will be here. Douglas, your colleague before you retired, is coming from Wisconsin..."

I turned to face him. "Not every dark room has a black cat, you know."

Ji-Ning scratched his head, his face softened. "I spoiled your plan, didn't I?" He smiled sheepishly. "You know I don't like surprises."

He leaned over, kissing me on my cheek. Then he slowly walked away.

I opened the next email, and gently ran my finger through every word Bob wrote. There must be a way to invite Bob to the party too.

Story by:

Helen Chen

submitted at 5:05am

24 October 2010

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