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Two of Ed's pet peeves, at least one of which he shares with many others, are people who drive while holding their cell phones to their ear, and people who, due to whatever problems they have with the technology, become confused at the drive-up ATM and make long, ineffectual efforts there, keeping those behind them who have their act more together from doing their transactions.

Yesterday he found the two of them together. A guy had his cell phone to his ear in his right hand, and was talking on it, while with his left hand he was trying to get the card into the ATM slot, and failing repeatedly. That is, repeatedly. He would turn it every which way, but he'd keep on trying, and it wouldn't work. The whole time, he kept talking on the cell phone. Finally Ed reached whatever frustration threshold you reach while you wait for something like this.

He lowered his car window and yelled out, "Why don't you put down the cell phone?"

The guy's face turned very dark in his mirror. "What did you say?"

"I said, why don't you put down the cell phone? You're trying to do two things at once."

Of course, the guy just got madder, kept talking on the cell phone, and kept trying to push the card into the slot even harder. Finally Ed honked his horn. No change. The guy just kept fiddling with the card. Ed honked his horn again. The guy finally gave Ed the "you're number one" sign and drove off angrily.

Ed pulled up to the ATM. The screen said it was out of service.

Story by:

John Bruce

submitted at 3:19pm

25 October 2010