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Rest Stop

The need to pee was what made me stop at the rustic rest area. It wasn't something I normally did.

I hate public restrooms!

I charged in and headed for the closest stall, it was just as I imagined ... Nasty! But relieving myself felt so good. Once I was finished, I headed for the sink and that's when I noticed the smell. At first, I thought nothing about it. All public restrooms stunk, right? But when I glanced into the mirror, I saw a bloated, grayish body of a man lying on the floor in one of the adjoining stalls. The smell overwhelmed me.

I covered my mouth and nose and rushed for the door.

As I stepped out, I saw a huge ax coming towards me, and one last thought ran through my head moments before it split in two: Damn, I hate public restrooms!

Story by:

Chad Case

submitted at 3:42am

27 October 2010

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