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Thieves, Most of Them

The knocking continued. Old Mary Wells finally decided to get up out of her easy chair and see who it was. Probably someone selling something. They'd pester you to no end. Thieves, most of them. She looked out the window first and saw 3 or 4 kids. Now what could they be selling? Whatever it was, she didn't want any. That wouldn't be hard to say since she didn't have a dime to spare these days.

Mary opened the door. "Good morning, boys and girls. Are you selling something?"

A pretty miss with glasses spoke: "Are you Mrs. Mary Wells?"

Mary smiled. "What's left of her, sweetheart. What's your name?"

"I'm Kate. This is Robert, Mack, and Judy. We're from Eastside Middle School. We have a Christmas present for you." Kate handed Mary a red envelope.

"Oh, my! You kids don't even know me. Why would you give me a gift?" Mary asked.

"We don't know you but we know your grandson, Mike. Isn't Mike Wells your grandson?"

Mary smiled. "Of course he is."

Kate continued: "Well, he's in our class except today he didn't come to school. Has a sore throat someone said. Anyway, today was the drawing. I'm happy to say you won the prize out of all the grandmothers in our class."

Mary's eyes lifted. "Oh! I don't know what to say. May I open it?"

"Of course," Robert said. "Go ahead."

Mary slowly opened the envelope. She took out a Christmas card. Inside was a coupon, it seemed.

"Oh, how nice," she said. "A coupon?"

"It's bonus card for groceries," Judy said. "A hundred dollars from our class."

Story by:

Randall Barfield

submitted at 6:15am

13 December 2008

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